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  • Currently, almost one million Australian children are at risk of reading failure. The good news is that with the right support, the majority of children can manage or overcome their struggles.



  •  The no. 1 problem in children's underperforming in any subject is the lack of efficient reading skills.











The program

The Program



  • Teachers will assess each student, one-on-one to determine their reading level.

  • Identify skills in need of reviewing and supporting students.

  • Access skills and content they need to succeed in reading.

  • Monitore on a regular basis throughout the course to determine the needs of each individual student.

Computer Software


  • Readers Rescue' software makes a significant contribution to our reading program and is invaluable in helping students to improve their reading skills.

  • Students login to our program where they can do multiple reading and comprehension activities at different skill levels.

  • Progress is constantly recorded and report cards can be emailed at any time.

  • Interactive whiteboard to assist with numerous supportive activities.

Visual processing skills like tracking, eye teaming, and visual perception are developmental skills all children need for  efficient reading.  

  • Enhance children’s visual processing skills, by doing exercises using hands-on as well as numerous interactive whiteboard activities for better school performance and sustained attention.

  • Improve the ability to comprehend for reading success.



All students learn in different ways. We create opportunities for hands-on learning at Readers Rescue to provide another way for students to grasp difficult concepts. 



Brain Gym and Eye Exercises 

  •  We offer Brain Gym, which consists of quick, fun and energising body movements designed to get the two hemispheres of the brain to work together.

  •  The program provides sensory-motor activities, as there is a strong link between immature motor skills and comprehension difficulties.

  •  Play based activities to build children’s core muscle, improve attention and focus, and enhance the learning process.

  • Eye Exercises to enhance the ability to control where we aim our eyes - Signs of eye tracking problems in school ​include frequent loss of place, skipping or "moving" words, skipping entire lines, using a finger to follow print, moving the head rather than just the eyes, and poor comprehension because of scrambled text. 


Empower your child!

Improve their reading abilities 

Don’t wait - get in touch with the Readers Rescue team and help us empower your child through reading!




About us


Readers Rescue has been established by a dedicated team of Australian educators who recognise the vital importance reading plays in empowering children to achieve success at school, and beyond. We understand that reading is a complex brain activity, a lot can go wrong as children develop into readers. At Readers Rescue, we have an in-depth understanding of the reading process which stems from years of experience teaching reading in the classroom. A proficient reader puts 20% effort into decoding words and 80% into comprehension. With a struggling reader, this is reversed, which explains why children with reading difficulties lack understanding of texts they read, and end up frustrated with the reading process. The team at Readers Rescue use their professional knowledge to assess and identify which fundamental reading skills a child may be struggling with, and create a reading program tailored towards each child’s individual reading needs. Our nurturing team provide children with strategies that will help them cope with challenges in a positive way, and set them on a path to enjoy reading. 


Research has shown that if a child is not reading grade-appropriate materials by the time he or she is in year 4, the odds of that child ever developing good reading skills are very slim.  It is till possible  but it is much more difficult, and the child's own motivation becomes the biggest obstacle to success. 


Our aim is to keep our prices as low as possible to ensure all students have the opportunity to improve their reading and comprehension skills. Please note that these prices can vary slightly depending on the centre or number of students for family discounts. All students need to be assessed to determine their reading level and skills. 


The costs are as follow:

  • $120 per individual including assessment, registration and enrolment.

  • $60 per  session ( 1 Hour )



The blog



What is the age group?

There is no age group. The younger the better and the right age varies from child to child.. If you have a youth or adult wanting to improve their reading we can help. All students will be assessed when they register to determine their skill level.

Will this program conflict with the way my child is taught at school?

We have no problem with that. We work closely with schools to insure the best outcome for our students.

Will I know how to help my child?

Yes, it is important for parents to work with us to insure the best outcome for your child. We will guide you to insure the best results for your child

How can I contact you

Contact us

   We would love to hear from you. Please email us at  


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